Spring Haven Farm

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Our home is sheltered by the Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Virginia.  We call our home Spring Haven.  To us it is the land of milk and honey.  It's fields, forest and pond is a place of rejuvenation for body and soul.  We hope you can come to Spring Haven to experience your own rejuvenation; either in person or continue to visit us online here.  You are welcome to our farm.

Just go to the monthly events page  to find out about some of the events we have planned for the year.  For instance, if you don't want the entire camping experience, why not try out an hour around the campfire roasting some marshmallows.  Perhaps you don't want to order a fishing license, but would like to try your hand at some fishing.  Since you are on our private pond you don't need a license, and you might enjoy the challenge of a big mouth bass fighting on the end of your line....and then the satisfaction of the release to hook him another day.

Sign up to receive event notices that will be perfect for each time of the year.  For instance, when our beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs have their puppies, we will have puppy parties to socialize them before sale.  Our ducks have laying eggs that will soon hatch into cute ducklings and the honeybees are here and producing honey already.  All are interesting to learn about and maybe even hold a few farm babies.  And our sheep and llama are just too cute.

We look forward to seeing you here at Spring Haven!  

Just fill out the form below to get on our events list, or to ask questions, or even suggest some topics we might put on the blog.

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