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Spring Haven Farm

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LADDER UPP, created by  Silouan Green who  is a writer and keynote speaker who presents workshops across the country on PTSD, overcoming trauma, peer support, suicide prevention, and resilient leadership. His books and life skills program draw from his own life experience overcoming adversity. From first responders to heroin addicts, veterans to mental health professionals, he has helped thousands draw on their own trials and traumas to find meaning and live free.

We will use the Ladder UPP workbook over a course of 3 days.  Included in the work will be breaks on the farm; maybe so some fishing, or working with the beautiful noble Newfie/Great Pryenees dogs, even work with the sheep or ducks.  It will be a time for discovery and perhaps healing.  It is definitely preparation for a more fulfilled life.  So you will work with others in the Ladder Upp workshop, AND experience a beautiful, rural farm.  It is a working vacation!

Our first retreat will be the week of Memorial Day, 2019.  That is May 27 to May 30 in the newly renovated Bunk House.  It will include rustic, yet very comfortable sleeping in a bunk dormitory style ; plus all meals , group work with Ladder Upp.  Arrive by 4 on Monday, leave on Thursday by noon.  Total cost: $350, limited to 10.

We will hold other retreats during the year so write to us at [email protected] to be on the list of retreats.  This is not a religious retreat so all faiths, or no faith, is encouraged to attend.  

Also, if you are a retreat leader and are looking for retreat space; go to Spring Haven Farm Venue; or our retreat space tab here on the website....retreat space only is available also in all 4 homes; sleeping up to 38.  call 540-446-5828 for more details.....

Peter and Helen Evans are authors of "Get Serious", A Christian Perspective on Contemporary Culture.  They have taught 100's on line learning personal responsibility.  Personal experience also includes extensive hospice work.