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2020 Schedule of Resiliency Workshops

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

February 28 - March 1, March 20 - 23, April 23 - 27, May 15 - 18, June 12 - 15, July 10 - 13, August 7 - 10, September 11 - 14, October 9 - 12. 

Reserve now or write to us at <> with any questions or concerns.

                              RESILIENCY WORKSHOP, LADDER UPP

It is often after the most difficult trials, transitions and traumas of life that we truly define ourselves.  It is not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens to us that matters most.

It is here, on the road of life's journey, that we sometimes come to a point where we can take one of the two paths.  One dwells on the past, focusing on all that we've lost and all that we can't change.  We muddle along with life or worse.  The other sees an opportunity to rebuild and move forward; after all, chasing life is an acceptable risk when you aren't fully living.

Passion and purpose fuel the most difficult steps of rebuilding your life.  By staying ahead of your demons, a life of passion and purpose leads to freedom.  This freedom allows us to reach our true potential.

"This workbook and all materials available with the Ladder Upp program, including the facilitation by Peter and Helen Evans, are my testimony that, regardless of what challenges you face, great or small, a better life is possible.  It took my own journey of pain to bring this to you, a journey that ultimately made sense of my life's fear, despair, and hopelessness.  We all have a choice, live free or muddle through (or worse). May you choose to live free.  You can climb the mountain.  Your potential is truly unlimited".......Silouan Green  

The Ladder Upp program will provide the structure for this three day workshop/retreat in which participants will focus on re centering their lives around what is truly important and meaningful to them and taking the first purposeful steps toward freedom and success.  To balance the work of the program, there will be opportunities to physical work as well ranging from fishing to fence building and spending quality time with the dogs, ducks and sheep.  It will be a time for self-discovery and perhaps healing.  It is essential preparation for a more fulfilled life.  This is not a religious retreat so those of all faiths, or no faith, are encouraged to attend.

Silouan Green, Marine Veteran Pilot who survived a jet crash to find his plane, his plans and his life in ruins, struggled against deep despair to find real meaning,  in his post traumatic world.  The structure of his successful journey is distilled in the Ladder Upp program.  Where you are merely experiencing a transition i.e. retirement or divorce; or trying to overcome trials, traumas and adversities of life; this program is for you.

Arrive at the bunkhouse by 4pm Friday and leave by 11 on Monday.  Dormitory style bunk beds and all meals inclusive; including the Ladder Upp program and outdoor activities on a peaceful farm with a 3 acre pond for fishing or relaxing.  It is truly a re-creation vacation.

February 28 - March 1, March 20 - 23, April 23 - 27, May 15 - 18, June 12 - 15, July 10 - 13, August 7 - 10, September 11 - 14, October 9 - 12. 

Reserve now or write to us at <> with any questions or concerns. Or go to for more information.

Cost:  $550 all inclusive lodging, meals and program.  Bring a Buddy for $1,000 for two.

What type of meals will be served:  Good Southern Country Cooking, Fresh Duck and Chicken Eggs, Fresh Baked Bread, Jam, Jelly, Venison, Pulled, Pork, Baked Chicken, Biscuits and Gravy, Apple Butter, Baked Fish,  Shepard's Pie, Fried Apples, Corn Pudding, Grits and more

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