Buy Newfie/Great Pyr Puppies in time for Valentines Day

Updated: Jan 15

This is a bit out of our normal writing, but we are a small farm breeder and those who visit like to know what goes on here. Our Maggie, who is about 140 lbs, mated with Todd, who is about 165 lbs and she will again have puppies in December.

What we do is wait til they have the vaccinations and worming and vet wellness check before they can go to their forever homes the first or second week in February.

You can always go to our fb page, Spring Haven Farm in Culpeper, Va. to see tons of pictures of prior litters from birth til they leave us. Shows their progress and growth and also how the parents are doing. Maggie is a great Mother.

Puppies are $950, and a $500 non refundable deposit will hold one for you. Write to us at or call 540-446-5828 for more information. We can also send you pictures and answer any questions you might have.


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