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Common Sense

People wonder about doing God's will.  Maybe this story will help.

A young boy wants to buy a birthday gift for his Mom.  He and his Father go to the store and his Father says, Your Mom loves pink, fuzzy slippers, what do you think?  The boy agrees.  The Father says she wears size 6, what do you think?  The boy finds a box with pink, fuzzy slippers in size 6 and and his Father pays for it.  Later they wrap the gift together and later on her birthday, the boy delivers the gift to his Mom that he picked out himself.  Now you say, but the Father suggested it...Yes, He did.  The boy could have easily said, "No, I think she would like a dinosaur instead".

We just don't obey, it's called synergia, we work together to fulfill His will.  Or you might think of yourself as a conduit for His  Will.

Maybe you don't believe in God, but you believe in Common Sense.  Well, use whatever word you like, just don't try to outsmart your Common Sense.

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