Feel Good Drugs your Body Produces

Ever need a break and find that just petting your dog relaxes you?

Well, Oxytocin, the Love Hormone which Mother produce when they have a baby is produced by everyone when you play with a dog or baby, also holding someone's hand, hugging and even giving a compliment to someone. Try it.

How about a pain reliever, you know about Endorphins which are pain killers. Try laughing, watching a comedy, eating dark chocolate or even exercising.

Feeling low and need to feel accomplished or in need of a "reward"? Make some Dopamine by completing a task, just having a good meal, celebrating little "wins", or even some self care like getting a haircut.

And finally, how about Serotonin by running, walking in nature, swimming, exposure to the sun, or praying or meditating. This stabilizes your mood.

We can't control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it. And sometimes we need a little help from the hormones our body naturally produces.

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