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Have no Plan B

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. It is said that General Eisenhower said there is no alternative plan, no plan B. Every effort would be put into making the D-Day invasion successful. No energy would be given to alternative plans.

Of course, if you have given your BEST, you have given more than ENOUGH TIME and EFFORT for a plan; try something different.

However, just about all of us know we've given up when the going got tough, we looked for plan B which was easier or simpler or quicker. We choose plan B even though we knew it was not a great plan, was in fact a plan that would leave us unsatisfied.

Sometimes we have to burn a bridge to give ourselves the courage to go full speed ahead. Remember the movie, "The Hunt for Red October"? The Captain sent a note to Moscow telling them he was stealing their submarine. Why? No option left except to do everything he could to successfully make it to America in one piece.

Sometimes, full speed ahead with no plan B is the best course of action.

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