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Pathway to a Happier Life

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We read about huge sections of our society in trouble, mental, financial, emotional, physical.  It's sad, it's heartbreaking because it seems so many have no path to a more joyful life.  They begin to give up hope there is such a thing.

Burnout, Despondency, Physical Disease,  Lack of Direction in life, Just Plain Bored with Life, Divorce, Ennui, You name it, more than half the population of the United States seems to experience it, and reap the tragic consequences of lack of direction.

Here at The Retreat Center at Spring Haven Farm we will be hosting the Ladder Upp program designed by a veteran Marine pilot who found his way out of a devastating plane crash. The 3 day retreat includes lodging, all 8 meals, time to just sit back and think or even do some fishing or work on the farm to distract the's all on sale for the August 9-12 retreat. Regular price is $350, now for the August Retreat just $250.

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