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Schedule for 2020 Resiliency Workshops featuring the Ladder Upp

We are offering monthly workshops for the Ladder Upp, Resiliency Workshop which include work outdoors in Spring Haven Farm. It's the Re-Creation Vacation you need to jump start that new direction in your life.

It's for those in transition, working through one of the many of life's trials, or trying to recover from a trauma. Ladder and the stress relieving atmosphere of the farm might be just what you need to more forward.

Dates are:

February 21 -24, March 20 - 23, April 24 - 27, May 15 - 18, June 12-15, July 10-13, August 7 -10, September 11- 14 and October 9-12.

There is a very good possibility we will add even more because the demand is increasing.


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