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Spiritual But Empty

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Has being spiritual let you down. We lived in California and if it existed we were part of it, New Age, Meditation, Buddhism, Sufi, Yoga. We even had our own "Babaji" we corresponded with in India. We wanted the instant high that never happened. We wanted the feeling that we had purpose and would know it. It never happened.

We found another way and don't go away because we may talk about God. We have a stepping stone that accepts you without having to have a "religion". You might not believe in anything except yourself and your own boot straps. That's ok. We know the Ladder Upp Retreat we facilitate can help you find a way to that feeling of success and accomplishment; and you don't have to join any church.

Now you might find you want to go further someday and find out why some of us talk about the world making sense, feeling loved and cherished, finding meaning and fulfillment; but you don't have to take that next step.

The Ladder Upp will shine a light that makes living in the dark hole of misery less unbearable and that might be enough. Check out the retreat schedule. You might just be ready to see the light.

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