The Best To Do List

Everyone finds themselves in a bottleneck from time to time. That's where we are now. Of course, one must learn to plan things, but when it comes to scheduling them we found a method that makes the end of the day enjoyable and fulfilling, rather than feeling like there is just not enough time in the day. We have a plan, but each morning review it and take 3 items on the plan that need doing that day...but get this....make sure we have enough time to do them. Of course, if we finish them we can add something, but our schedule included only those things we know can be accomplished. What happens in the brain is that serotonin is released when we have accomplished things, we feel happy and fulfilled. If we just look at a to-do list, it can seem overwhelming and we get anxious. Instead, schedule only 3 things you are sure you can will probably do more and feel great about doing them also...don't let that bottleneck get to you.


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