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What is Slow Living

Have you heard of the "slow living" movement?   It doesn't mean that if it takes you 3 minutes now to brush your teeth it will take you 5 minutes if you subscribe to the movement.

It means, don't be so darn busy in your life.  Have you ever tried to get together with friends or family you haven't seen in years?  Usually everyone is so busy they can't find a schedule to meet.  Do you long to just sit and watch the moon come up, or watch the grass grow?  Yet you feel guilty that you are not doing something, "doing anything".  We are now programmed to feel guilty if we are not busy.

Of course we have to take care of our real jobs and our real responsibilities.  However, too often tasks and "responsibilities" that are not necessary enter our lives and sometimes take them over.  We need to sit back and prioritize.

What is important in your life?

What distractions are in your life and ruining it?

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