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Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees Puppies


The puppies will all have a veterinary wellness check and all the vaccinations and worming to the date they leave with you. We expect this year's litter will be able to go home around the 3rd week of April, 2021.  They are huge pups who grow fast so they are ready at 7 weeks to go to forever homes.

Puppies are Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix. We find the the mix helps mitigate the drool of the Newfie and the bark of the Great Pyrenees.


They grow into huge, beautiful, loving dogs. We breed only once a year and most people keep in touch with us after bringing home a pup. Maggie, the very good doggo Mom, even gets Mother's Day cards! She is about 125 lbs and Todd, the Dad, is about 165. They guard our ducks and chickens here, and also let us know when visitors are near the pond.  Fierce with animal intruders, but lovers with people. Although our dogs are outdoors most of the time, only a handful of the other littermates are outside. Most are indoor dogs who learn house training and manners easily.


Please call 540-446-5828 for more details or to reserve a pup.


Todd's Dad was a Landseer, and we usually have about 2 Landseer pups in each litter. They have the distinctive black/white coloring. The Landseer was the dog in the original Peter Pan story.

Sire & Dam

Todd & Maggie

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