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The Venue

If you are looking for a place to hold a gathering of your own, what suits your purpose best?  We offer overnight accommodations for up to 36 indoors.  That works out to less than $20 per person at maximum capacity.

Smaller groups could use one, two or three of our four units.

We also have two tents, one is 20 ft x 30 ft, the other is 10 ft x 30 ft.  Plus a variety of tables and chairs on site. Additional costs apply depending on your choice.

Why be cooped up in a hotel room when you can explore the possibilities of 15 acres?  Play frisbee or softball in upper pasture, feed the ducks, catch and release fishing in the big pond, or enjoy a campfire at night.  

RETREATS...neutral ground for important work building, planning or R&R.

FAMILY REUNIONS...slow down and make lasting memories

FAMILIES...catch up and re-bond


WEDDINGS...perfect pastoral location for small weddings of fifty or fewer. Packages start under $3,500, including 2 nights accommodations, tent, tables 

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